#GamersRiseUp – Pokemon Sword and Shield Are Too New But Also Too Similar to Previous Pokemon Games

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Pokemon Sword and Shield, the new core game of the series for the Nintendo Switch, hits stores November 15, 2019. Although exciting, many long-time fans are upset that the completely new game will have, in fact, a few somewhat new and different features: features unlike the previous games.

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One such new feature is Dynamaxing. Simply put, Pokemon turn into massive versions of themselves. Just absolute units. They’re just big. All of their moves then turn into Max Moves, meaning that they’re more powerful versions of their normal moves. The feature lasts for just three turns. Obviously, the new Dynamax feature is completely flawed: it’s too different. Sure, they’re kind of cool if you’re a kid who might be playing for the first time, but since when has Pokemon ever been targeted towards a child audience? Fans who have been playing since the beginning feel betrayed; Dynamax is too sudden, too big, and not well-integrated into the completely new Pokemon game. How could you even catch one of these things on Pokemon Go?

Additionally, not only are Sword and Shield too different to be considered core Pokemon games — they’re also too similar to past games. In fact, some features are still entirely the same. For example, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced a convenient feature where players were able to tap a button to use the item they most recently used. This comes in handy during a catching spree: tap the button to use another Poke ball. However, if you use a potion in between catching Pokemon, your dumbass has to go through your bag again and scroll through everything and go through the whole tedious bit of finding the ball and then tapping it and then finally throwing it to catch the Pokemon you’ve been fucking looking for for the past three hours after you had to go through this stupid shit that shouldn’t even be a problem at this point. Sword and Shield will have the same infuriating feature. In a game about catching Pokemon, there is still no dedicated button to throwing Poke balls. Every other game before did not have this feature, but this game is new and therefore shouldn’t be the same as the others.

Nevertheless, the Pokemon Sword and Shield games are set to release next month. Despite these massive issues stemming from the clash between nostalgia and the new generation, people entitled to their own wrong opinions will buy them anyway because they like to have “fun.”