Gaucho Marks is UCSB’s premier humor conglomerate dedicated to the publication of satirical articles, multimedia, and a biannual print magazine. Our work is predicated on the belief that comedy is integral to a life well-lived. Student Health has called us “An essential tool for curing hangovers, along with a balanced breakfast.” Lighten up, settle down with us, and watch your problems magically disappear.


Editor-in-Chief: Liz Phillips

Editors/Officers: Andrew Merriam, Isabella Rechtin, Akaysha Brunker, Jessie Shedd

Writers: Andrew Merriam, Liz Phillips, Jesse Shedd, Erica Kinsel, Eleanor Khan, Isabella Rechtin, Nick Washington, Akaysha Brunker, Tom Cafaro, Max Perez

Illustrators: Liz Phillips, Linda Qiu


All articles, photos, comics, features, symbols, and spaces between letters are entirely fictional and intended for humorous purposes. Any references to actual persons, living or dead, as well as actual entities and institutions are not grounded in fact; all narratives here written have been invented in the minds of people who believe that they are smarter than and superior to the aforementioned persons, entities and institutions. No live animals were harmed during the production of this publication. All published Gaucho Marks material, in print and online, is the property of Gaucho Marks Magazine and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the Editor-in-Chief, who will more than likely be zenned out from meditating and therefore grant permission in a delirious state of goodwill.