Breaking: Free and For Sale Originally an Online Market

free and for sale

You’ve seen the page, you probably found your used condom on there. Maybe even started some drama over some flyers? We all know and love the UCSB community known as Free and For Sale, a place where we all go to post about what annoys us (like protesters who are morning people) and to let everyone know how badly your car was damaged. We all love reading about missed connections and boys suffering from “man-flu.” What you may not know is the surprising history of the site! But according to our extremely reliable historians, Free and For Sale was actually once a place to buy and sell shit.


Shocking! I know, but this would actually explain the name of our favorite online diary. Our linguistics department has actually linked the word “Free”, to stuff someone else doesn’t want, and the term “For Sale” to the act of exchanging that stuff for monetary value.


So, post your selfies, argue in the comments, complain about underpaid workers protesting outside your window, and sell your respect for $2, but just remember where you all came from.