Banksy Has to Be a White Guy


With his eye catching prints of black and white silhouettes which convey complex political messages, the infamous graffiti artist, Banksy, has become a household name in contemporary art. As loved as his art is, the identity of this graffiti artist has always remained a mystery. However, several new leads here at Gaucho Marks are bringing us closer to unmasking this masked man.


Although Gaucho Marks has never seen him, we speculate that the work of Banksy is the work of a white guy.


“I was high on crystal meth,” says Rusty Shackleford.


That’s all Shackleford said during his interview, but the subtext was enough to prove Banksy is white. Because I am a great journalist, I knew that I had to smoke the glass to unmask the truth.


Banksy’s race became clear to me then. With his newest project Love in a Bin, where his iconic print self-destructs after being auctioned off, I couldn’t help but think that this is some shit only a white guy would do.


I didn’t go to sleep, the whiteness haunted me all night. I watched La La Land three times and I still hate it, white people love musicals. And white people love Hamilton for whatever reason. Jennifer Lawrence is an okay actress at best. Garlic is not spicy. But now I have a greater understanding of white culture.


Ever since the beginning of civilization, where there have been walls, there have been people vandalizing them. And although Banksy is allegedly white, his whiteness shows through in his ability to capitalize on vandalism and to never get in trouble with the law. If that isn’t the whitest thing you’ve heard, then I don’t know what is.