Earlier Noise Ordinance Would Make Getting F*cked Up Dangerous and Depressing, Isla Vistans Say


ISLA VISTA, CA – Amid recent talks of moving Isla Vista’s weekend sound ordinance from 12 a.m to 10 p.m. — a decision that would signal an early end for parties featuring DJs, bands, or otherwise loud music — Gaucho Marks reached out to students living in the community and asked them for their opinions on the potential change.

“Oh, it fucking sucks, man. My Saturday shift at Blaze doesn’t end until 9 p.m., sometimes 9:15 if my dickhead manager makes me clean up my station for the next shift. You’re telling me I have to go home and rail like eight to ten shots in 30 or 40 minutes? Terrible. When I’m inhaling Svedka, I prefer to take my time. Hell, even an hour-fifteen would suffice, but under an hour? That’s just reckless, dude.”- Gerald Nguyen

“I think it’s ridiculous. Yeah, we could party without music I guess, but, practically speaking, we really couldn’t. What are we gonna do? Talk? Gives me the shivers. If we have to party without loud music, then I have to get trashed while I listen to people complain about financial aid, about the election or whatever, their fear of graduating and entering the real world, how horrified they are at the cold, unforgivingly objective nature of the universe, how they, too, will inevitably face death … yeah, can’t do it. We need loud ass music and dancing. We need it.”- Tiffany Jaco

“Can’t say I’m a fan. I just started freelance DJing fulltime, and this earlier ordinance would really kill any chance I have to build my portfolio further. How are future employers going to know about my face-melting drops and revolutionary use of 4/4 time signature if all the parties end before I can set up my laptop and those knob thingies I push to look like I’m doing shit? We gotta stop it from happening.”- Jase Klein (DJ 69er)