Keg is Main Draw of I.V. Band’s Show

I.V.-based band Beach Words are playing a show this Saturday at a house on the 66 block of Trigo and they would very much like you to attend. In fact, this has been their main focus for the past few weeks, placing all of their energy into making posters and generating Facebook hype. They spent so much time doing this, in fact, that they failed to prepare anything that even vaguely resembles a set list for their performance.

“Designing the poster took a while,” said third year student and Beach Words bass player Peter Wemyouth, “but have you seen the thing? It’s a picture of the beach, but it’s a collage, so, like, the ocean is where the sky should be and the sky is where the ocean should be. And there’s this naked chick sitting on the sand, and the sand isn’t even sand! It’s actually a close up of this fat nug of Sour D. I mean, I forgot to put the band’s name on it. But I still think it’s pretty awesome.”

Aforementioned poster

One of the more productive actions made by the band was securing a keg for their show. “We knew that, no matter what kind of music we end up playing, everybody has a better time when there’s a keg. It’s just science,” said third year non-science major and lead singer Marcus Berny. “That’s how you draw people in. And then when they hear how chill our music is, they’re helplessly hooked on our laid back party vibe.”

Second year student Susanne Tarquo said that she was, in fact, aware of the show. “I didn’t know that there was a band actually; I just heard there was gonna be a keg. And I’ll sit through just about anything if I can get shitfaced. I’ve been to a Slightly Stoopid show for god’s sake.”

As of this writing, Beach Words has yet to prepare any songs for their show beyond a 10-minute jam version of “Santeria.”