Oscars: What Your Pick for Best Picture Says About You

Oscar StatueThe Big Short— You think it’s important for people to have a better understanding of the 2008 financial crisis, and you learned so much about journalism from Anchorman, so this is really the perfect film.

Bridge of Spies— You were probably alive when the events of this movie were taking place.

Brooklyn— You feel guilty for still not knowing how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan’s name and are hoping you can just get by on pronouns until the ceremony.

Mad Max: Fury Road— You’re either the guy being forced to watch the Oscars with his girlfriend, or the girlfriend who tries to teach her boyfriend feminism by showing him a 120 minute long car chase

The Martian—You really like eighties disco, potatoes, and “sciencing the shit” out of things

The Revenant— You love Leo and hate bears. Or possibly vice versa.

Room— You, um… like movies that are… serious and um…. Pass.

Spotlight— You’ve got a lot of money riding on this and you want a safe bet.