AEPI Still Invited to Other Frats’ Christmas Parties

Despite the fraternity’s expressed Judaism and inclination towards male students of the Jewish faith, members of Alpha Epsilon Pi, also known as “AEPI”, have still been invited to the Christmas parties of other fraternities. Derek McCourt, President of Kappa Delta Phi, has reportedly sent out a mass invitation to members of the Jewish fraternity to his fraternity’s Christmas party, even though they do not celebrate Christmas. “We believe in brotherhood between all fraternities,” said McCourt, “so we hope that AEPI will come to our Christmas party after they celebrate Chanukah and all of that stuff.” McCourt says that even though members of Kappa Delta Phi will be participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange, AEPI brothers will not have to bring gifts, unless they want to, but it won’t be awkward or anything if they don’t because he gets it if they aren’t into that kind of thing.

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