Thank You for Your Payment

Thank you for your payment

    Aug 22, 2020, 12:11 PM

to you

Receipt of Electronic Check Request – Pending Bank Approval of Request

Description                                                               Amount


Barc Payment                                                           $4,801.85

                                                            Total      $4,801.85

Payments Received                                                         Amount


ACH Web                                                                $4,801.85

All Electronic Check Payments Pending Bank Approval


That was the end of the email… 

Why are you still looking down here? 

Oh, I get it. You must be looking for some explanation as to why you paid almost $5,000 for a couple of glorified YouTube videos, is that it? Are you upset? Sad that you were forced to kick down all the savings from your summer job to pay for some, *ahem,* “facilities”? I bet you wish you could go to the free1 Recreation Center and use some real exercise equipment instead of doing jumping jacks in your bedroom like a weirdo. 

Well, go ahead. Cry about it. But know, no one is going to listen—least of all an e-bill like me, who has no ears. 

For all you know, we up here in the billing department cut your tuition in half this quarter. Actually, we offered you a $2,000 discount in light of “these troubling times.” But, you went SNOOPING into your Transaction Detail. You showed your bad faith… So, we had to charge you full price. 

And you know the best part? There is nothing you can do about it. School has started; you coughed up the money. You will survive another day, and we will win. We’ve already won. You’ll finish school, paying full price and receiving half the quality, but you will finish school. Don’t you see? It’s useless. Scroll up and get back on your hamster wheel, you little money machine. I’ll be seeing you in January. 

 1Paid for by the CA/RES/UG Fees which includes up to anduntilthefi frist