Ranked UCs Ranked by Stereotype

  1. unnamed.jpg

Home of cheap liquor, Minors in Possession, and raging STD’S, this is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to study on a day fade. #UCanStudyBlazed Let’s face it, it takes a special student body like US to balance academics and a legendary party scene.

  1. ucla.png

You know your football program is trash when your home field is the Rose Bowl but you never make it there during bowl season. Your best bet in getting into this school is through a scholarship or coming from money and wasting away your youth in SAT prep.

  1. ucsd.gif

 UC San Diego: where textbooks open up more than their students. Don’t come here expecting to make friends or to join a frat, it’s just six separate colleges.

  1. ucd.png

Ahhh you smell that? Nothing better than the smell of cow shit in the morning! A nice little town in between liberal San Francisco and ghetto Sacramento, there’s a little bit of something for everyone to go around here. (PSA: BAND MEMBERS BEWARE)

  1. uci.jpg

You’re paying all that money for a UC to be close to Disneyland and to be called an Anteater?

  1. ucsc.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, our future organic growers of California!

  1. ucr.png

Let’s face it, you wanted to go to LA or Santa Barbara, but this was the only UC that accepted you. I heard there’s a dope rave going on this weekend though. Does anyone remember what their mascot is?

  1. ucb.jpg

Surrounded by meth labs, weed farms, and good ol’ country folk.


Unranked – UC Berkeley

The Liberalist Extremist camp has been exposed, though short on fun with the neurotic hyper-focus on school. We should see if William Rick Singer and camp has been in contact. This is where you’ll hear Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on repeat at a co-op party at 2AM.