Brave! Local Woman Wears Romper to Use Gas Station Bathroom

Isla Vista resident and local hero Melanie Jackson took a huge step for women everywhere last Sunday, on the way to brunch with the girls. It was really just a perfect storm of events, between the iced latte she downed the hour before, the shopping trip to Urban Outfitters last weekend where she paid $70 for about a yard of fabric, and the fact that she had been driving on fumes for days.

“That romper was just so fucking cute, and I knew that my friend Grace would be looking effortlessly stylish because she just got bangs, so like, I really didn’t have a choice,” explained Melanie. “I couldn’t let the fact that I would probably have to stop for gas prevent me from looking as cute as Grace.”

Melanie was also running late to brunch because she had to spend about 45 minutes talking to her reflection convincing herself that the romper didn’t give her camel toe, and that no one else would notice the weird mole on her shoulder, so obviously she didn’t have time to pee. When Melanie’s gas light went on she knew she had only one choice; it was time to literally get naked in a gas station bathroom.

After asking for the key from a man wearing a shirt that used to be white but is now a delicate shade of yellow, Melanie averted her eyes from his jack-o-lantern smile, and steeled up her courage to walk to the bathroom.

“It was really uncomfortable, honestly, and like it was one of those gas stations where you have to walk around the side of the building to get to it, and the key was attached to an old hubcap, so I kind of had to roll it there,” Melanie told GM, “But that latte literally went right through me so I had to. Also, I couldn’t really tell if the door was actually locked so I had to stretch to keep my hand on it while squatting over the toilet seat. That’s gonna be my workout for the week haha. I’m joking though, Grace is taking me to soulcycle tomorrow. She says it’s life changing.”

We asked Melanie if the trauma of being naked in a public bathroom it was worth wearing the romper, and she told us: “Absolutely, I mean Grace was wearing a hat for God’s sakes, she looked amazing. She also gave me her dermatologist’s phone number because she thinks I should get my mole checked. She notices things like that. She’s a great friend.”

brave-gas station romperSo brave! We’re so inspired by Melanie’s absolute refusal to give up looking cute for brunch in the face of the functional challenges of fashion.