Chancellor Yang Added to Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Smash bros

The highly anticipated fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch has added yet another character to their franchise-bending fighting game in order to dethrone Avengers: Infinity War as the most ambitious crossover to date. After little to no campaigning, the Honorable, the Infamous, the Real, Chancellor Yang of the University of California, Santa Barbara has been announced as a playable character for the new Smash Bros. Yang will join star-studded line-up including a bunch of animals with guns, benign-looking children with guns, and like, three versions of Link.

After you maintain a GPA of 2.0 and/or complete one quarter of biology prerequisites, Chancellor Yang appears as a challenger! Face off against Chancellor Yang, and watch out for deadly moves such as: A Knowing Smile, Diploma Wack, Refusing to Cancel Finals, and his ultimate Super Smash ability, Natural Disaster Blitz.

Once you’ve defeated him, he’s in! Now you can fight in style with the three staple outfits that Chancellor Yang rocks on the rare occasions he dares to show his true form. Choose from Graduation Fancy Hat, Deltopia Stroll, and Office Hours.

Unlocking Chancellor Yang comes with two new fighting stages, including a DP balcony suffering from slow cliff erosion. For added difficulty, players must dodge an onslaught of red solo cups and wade through thick, strawberry scented JUUL vapor. In the second, and this is not for the more faint of heart, the players must fight on an enlarged beer die table, tottering to and fro because one of the table legs is too short and the pack of cigarettes that usually supported it is missing. Avoid confusion as the surface of the table changes from one weathered painting that someone on Free and For Sale did of a Rick and Morty reference to a Game of Thrones house sigil.

Upon completing 4 to 6 years worth of game time, a UCSB diploma is added to your trophy case. Relish in the acquisition of a piece of paper, and then wallow in the existential fear of the unknown as your Nintendo Switch self-destructs.