10 Things To Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree

10 Things to do with your bachelor's degreeCongratulations, you did it! All those days you dragged yourself hungover and full of regret to your morning classes have finally paid off, but a lot of recent graduates find themselves facing the rest of their lives and asking “now what?” Not to worry, Gaucho Marks is here to guide you with a list of 10 creative ways to use that expensive degree that was definitely worth it.

  1. Hang it over your bed to make your parents’ basement feel more like home.
  2. Go for the world record and roll a $60,000 blunt with it.
  3. Slip it to the manager at Starbucks to give yourself an edge over the teen applicants.
  4. Lose it. Let’s be honest, you probably won’t need it making frappuccinos.
  5. Laminate it so your tears don’t smude the ink when you cry over it nightly.
  6. Photoshop it to make it seem like you studied something relevant to what you’re trying to do now.
  7. Make a little paper boat like the kid from IT and float it down the gutter. Maybe you’ll find a job down there. (You won’t. Pennywise only does unpaid internships.)
  8. Put it face-down in the printer to save on paper.
  9. Make a paper-mache house, the closest thing you’ll get to owning one of your own.
  10. Show it to the Humane Society to relieve their hesitancy about allowing you a sixth cat.