Student Caught Doping During Exams

Student Caught Doping During Exams
Third-year undergraduate student Alex Krupin posted this picture to his instagram account on Thursday.

A UCSB student has been caught doping during a history exam, according to university administrators.

Third-year History major Alex Krupin cheated on his midterm exam for History 135C: History of Russia. His professor, Dr. Peter Coubertin, became suspicious when he finished the seventy-five-minute exam in fifteen minutes.

Dr. Coubertin could not find any immediate evidence of cheating, but he asked UCPD to perform a drug test on Krupin. He tested positive for Adderall and Vyvanse, neither of which were prescribed to him. In addition, his blood caffeine level was over twice the legal limit.

Krupin scored 98 percent on the exam against a class average of 7 percent, but the Department of History voided his score. He will receive an F in History 135C. Sources say that at one point the Office of Judicial Affairs considered expelling Krupin.

Krupin’s lawyer, Samuel Gold, asserts that his punishment was excessive.

“The University does not, in fact, have proof that Alex knowingly consumed the banned substances before the exam. It is distinctly possible that a third party slipped these drugs into his food while he wasn’t paying attention.”

Gold added, “We also believe that a Starbucks barista may have made Alex’s latte with an extra shot of espresso that he did not order, and we are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.”

The Office of Judicial Affairs ultimately decided to allow Alex Krupin to continue his education. However, rather than being a History major enrolled at UCSB, he will be classified as an independent student studying history at UCSB.