Embarrassing! First-Time Professor Traps Self in Projector

Professor Broadham has been trapped in this Sony projector for almost one week. Trustedreviews.com & Ute Klaphake / Trevillion Images

First-year psychology professor Rachel Broadham imprisoned herself in the Buchanan 1920 projector while teaching Vision and Introspection last Thursday.

Students having a rough first quarter should take a look at Professor Broadham, who trapped herself in her own projector. The projector, a Sony VPL-VW550ES, was described as “really good” by www.trustedreviews.com in a May article.

But that’s not what Professor Broadham would say, were she not still stuck inside of it, pounding on the lens to no avail. Described as “disheveled” and “nervous” for her first class unassisted by an engineering student, Broadham showed up last Thursday with the one goal every graduate student-turned-professor has in mind: “don’t trap yourself in the projector.”

Her mantra failed, however, when, upon pressing the wrong button, her entire being was consumed by the box. “It was kind of like Scooby and Shaggy in Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase,” commented one of Broadham’s students. To add insult to injury, the projector proceeded to display Broadham’s silhouette on the screen in full 4K resolution, making visible every bead of sweat dripping from her understandably flustered face.

Instead of calling for help, students either left to go grab pizza or stayed and watched. One student, who chose to remain anonymous, noted that it “just [kept] getting funnier.” Another revealed that he was “just waiting for the moment when she really [had] to poop.”

“Sometimes I’ll go around to the front to see the full details of her face,” said one College of Engineering student. “It’s really funny. She thinks I’m saving her.”

After receiving no initial help, Professor Broadham made a pathetic attempt to pass her mistake off as a planned section of her lecture, muttering such phrases as “cognitive dissonance” and “fascinating results.”

There’s still no word on when, or if, she’ll escape the piece of machinery, but one thing’s for sure: Professor Broadham is checking that projector’s manual before her next class.