Hollywood Newcomer Garvey Feinstein Interviews at Weinstein Co.

Newcomer Garvey Feinstein embodies the change the public has demanded from Hollywood, and is living proof that social media hashtag campaigns apply the kind of pressure that even the biggest industry giants cannot ignore.

The Weinstein Company has recruited a new creative director, Garvey Feinstein, in another high-profile leadership change. This comes as part of a larger movement taking place within the company in response to the shocking sexual harassment accusations leveled at the studio’s former executive, Harvey Weinstein.

The move should be considered “representative of bold new steps [the company] is taking to fight the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in the film industry,” according to a press release issued by Weinstein Co.’s public relations office on Wednesday.

The newcomer Feinstein’s only qualification, as described by the press release, is his participation in the “Me Too” social media hashtag campaign that took the internet by storm following the highly public fall from grace of Weinstein. Feinstein bravely shared his many experiences of assault and harassment on his recently-created Facebook account, and HR representatives at Weinstein Co. took notice. He is expected to start in his new position next week, a concrete example of the power the collective voices of survivors, via their statuses and tweets, can wield in a world hostile to professionalism for women and, yes, men, in the workplace.