Anything Can Happen In The Comment Section Of A Donald Trump Video


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Finding that special someone is not easy. For years, couples have been searching for love on the Internet, but many never thought to look in the one place where people are truly themselves: The comment section of Donald Trump videos. This controversial forum has fostered a new way to get know somebody real quick. Check out these testimonials from three newly formed couples that met on YouTube.


Nick: “Sophie’s incoherent attack on Muslims’ right to use public restrooms was brave and moving, I felt I had to direct message her and from there our love was born. It was so nice to finally talk with someone about the real issues facing our country, like certain groups of people that look different than us and scare us.”

Sophie: “Right when Nick contacted me I knew we would be compatible. Based on his recently liked videos, I learned that he too had a passion for spreading the truth about the greatest myth ever to bamboozle the human race: the holocaust. Verify it for yourself with FACTS not lies on =Neverhappened/


Brent: “Olivia’s suggestion to line Trump’s border wall with alligators and poisonous bees showed me that she understands the real threat Mexicans are posing to this country. We bonded immediately. I mean they’re taking all the best jobs and leaving us Native Americans with nothing but Del Tacos and George Lopez.

Olivia: “Brent expressed in his comments that he is having serious problems with his low-wage, hard-working gardener, Manny. Apparently, every time the little hombre finishes work he barks, ‘! Gracias Jefe, adios!’ What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I feel so bad for Brent!”



Michaela: “Meeting Jeff online was amazing. He understands better than anyone that the right to vote is too heavy a burden for hormonally unstable women — like myself — to bear. He is so smart!”

Jeff: “Michaela had me at ‘#repealthe19th.’ She may be the only woman in this country with an ounce of brain power whatsoever.”