Man struggles to find out origin of housemates’ inside joke

worried young man

Yesterday, it was reported that Brandon Jacobs, 20, experienced an inside joke that he was not a part of when his housemate Tim Won shouted “That’s how you freebase!” at his other housemate Darren McCarthy, after McCarthy performed an extremely technical snappa shot. Jacobs told sources that he has no idea where this catchphrase came from.

“I mean, I spend all my time with these guys. We haven’t spent any significant amount of time apart for weeks” Jacobs said. “If I can’t share my inside jokes with these guys, then who will I quote Borat to?!”

Jacobs ruled out any sort of pop culture reference after he googled the phrase later that night and found no Family Guy sketches that contained it.

Since the initial incident, Won has quoted the same phrase three times in casual conversation. Each time, Jacobs has made the decision to smile and laugh, before glancing at the floor to his left as inconspicuously as possible.

Sources close to McCarthy say that he has experienced a similar crisis to Jacobs’, as he had never heard the phrase either.  Won was so convincing in his performance of the catchphrase that all other parties were forced to look inward for an explanation.

At press time, both McCarthy and Jacobs’ gazes met the same patch of floor.