Deltopia Sexual Assault Victims Tacitly Agree Now’s Not The Best Time To Mention It

Taking into consideration the shame-inducing media circus surrounding last Saturday’s Del Playa Drive riot, dozens of women tacitly agreed that now is probably not the best time to mention the traumatizing sexual assault they experienced during the annual Isla Vista day party known as Deltopia. While most of them felt that their voices must eventually be heard and their aggressors brought to justice, the victims expressed their mutual understanding that the community’s public image has already suffered enough without the added negative exposure of their brutal violation at the hands of numerous male partiers. “Nothing would vindicate me more than telling the world what that bastard did to me,” said sophomore political science major Ashley Partridge, who was raped in the side yard of a DP home while hundreds of Isla Vista residents and visitors fought against local law enforcement, “but the last thing UCSB needs is another string of sexual assault reports to further tarnish its reputation.” The permanently scarred women concluded that, to avoid adding insult to injury, the most practical solution would be to “suck it up” until things cooled off.