Daily Nexus Satire Column Completely Goes Over Head of Satire Columnist

Though many students enjoy the subtle wit of Matt Renner’s weekly satire column in the Daily Nexus, satire columnist Matt Renner told reporters that the humor and subtext of his column has repeatedly escaped him.

The column, which appears as “The Morning Stack” every Friday in the Daily Nexus Opinion section, features humorous fake news reports regarding UCSB and its community. But even after reading his articles over and over again, Renner has failed to comprehend their subversive humor and satirical edge.

“I just don’t get it,” said Renner after reading ‘UCSB Volleyball Team Raises Money Selling DNA to Aryan Brotherhood’, an article he had written three days before. “I know it’s supposed to be funny and that there’s some kind of message between the lines, but I can’t figure it out.”

“It’s also kind of racist,” added Renner.

According to eyewitnesses, Renner has completely missed the point of every satirical article he has published, including “Lagoon Very Impressed with Length and Girth of Storke Tower”, which he was seen reading by the lagoon while scratching his head in utter befuddlement. To better understand the underlying messages of his column, Renner sought the advice of UCSB’s premier expert on satire, Matt Renner.

“What Matt Renner fails to understand is that Matt Renner writes his satire with precise subtlety, integrating higher themes into his journalistic but droll vernacular,” said Matt Renner to a confused Matt Renner. “Take the volleyball article for instance. Though it would appear that Renner is referring to the volleyball team as literally part of the Aryan brotherhood, he is actually satirizing the fact that many players on the team are white men. It’s really quite brilliant.”

Despite Renner’s thorough explanation, Matt Renner continues to misinterpret the wry humor and hidden implications of his articles, and has begun to accept the notion that he simply may never understand them.

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