Book Club: Reading the Thai Restaurant Takeout Menu

“#8: Larb.”

This groundbreaking excerpt is from this year’s short slowburn, the coyly titled Tipp Thai Restaurant Takeout Menu (Now Delivering!)

More of a pamphlet than a book (and more of a treatise than a pamphlet), this deceptively simple surrealist titan defies classification. 

In a daring display, there is no listed author. Attributed simply to the mysterious moniker “Tipp,” only a phone number denotes any ownership of the manifesto. If you call the listed phone number, thus begins the century’s boldest performance art of the highest caliber. Prepare yourself for external and internal questions of self, as it begins:

“Tipp’s Thai Cuisine.
“Hello, Tipp’s Thai Cuisine, pickup or delivery?
“Hello, what do you want?
“Do you want to order?
“What do you want?”

What do I want?

A sequel. 

Keep an eye out for our next book club where we will be reviewing the Book of Leviticus.