Doodle Analyses in Quarantine: Groceries

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This image depicts a pristine landscape of household items, ranging from food to toilet paper. The simple, scribbled line art is indicative of how the artist has taken events of utmost simplicity, like grocery shopping, for granted in the past few months.

Upon closer inspection of each individual drawing, one notices that the drawings represent items that can all be found in a grocery market. What does this mean, one might ask? In this first world country, grocery shopping is usually seen as luxurious and extraneous as trips to fast food establishments.

However, given the current circumstances, it is more difficult—frowned upon, even—to go grocery shopping needlessly.

This is more than just a piece of art; it is a plea for help. Turn your gaze to the misspelled can of beans. The cracked eggs. The inquisitive milk. The grapes that declare, “I have given up entirely.”

2020 started off like a misspelled can of beans: Americans were initially afraid of the possibility of a third World War.

Look closely.

“B-E-E-E-N-S”. How many “E’s” are there? Three. For World War III. There are two uncracked eggs, and one cracked egg. The first two eggs represent a time before the Coronavirus plagued our world, when it was an insignificant matter to the majority of the public. In tandem, the cracked egg represents mass panic the virus induced once the masses learned about it. 

Finally, the milk. A question mark punctuates this label because the artist does not know when they will be able to go back grocery shopping for normal “MILK”.

Our patience and sanity are like toilet paper in these times… running out.

TLDR; Very deep meaning. Artist wants to go grocery shopping.

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