It’s been two years can we all admit that La La Land was a good movie, YOU COWARDS!

When that old fuck Warren Beatty corrected his mistake on Oscar night two years ago, everyone was happy; including me. Yes, I was in my living room with my friends, we were all cheering because of the fact that Moonlight won Best Picture. A “fuck you La La Land” was shouted out. That’s when I knew I was on the losing side of the most important moment in our country’s history.

No more. I will not be silenced any longer. La La Land was a great movie and deserved that award just as much as Moonlight. There, I said it! Emma Stone was graceful and Ryan Gosling was as charming as ever, but you people couldn’t handle it.

I wish it had come out last year so that it could have taken down that SpongeBob fanfiction,  The Shape of Water. I hope you all look back at this and feel shame for what you put those poor white people through! Haven’t they been through enough? I hope, I really hope you hear me blast “Another Day of Sun,” on my bike and come to the realization that you wish you could sing and dance as they did, be as colorful as they were, and that you have the itch to watch the greatest movie and musical of all time, La La Land.