Five More White Students Added To Black Studies

An amazing display of respect took place this past week as on the fiftieth anniversary of African-American students taking over North Hall and creating the Black Studies department, five more white students were added to the major.

Dak Giddean, Linsey Childress, Blake Dawner, Andrew Wiley, and Rebecca Sithe were all over the moon to be accepted in. “I’m so happy to be here, this department means so much to me and my family,” said Linsey Childress, a former Germanic and Slavic Studies major.

For some, it was a moment of reflection, “Last year I was in blackface for Halloween, and now I’m finally starting to realize why that is offensive to some people,” explained Blake Dawner, a first-year.

The five new students aren’t being taken well by all their fellow classmates however, “I have no idea why there are so many white people in this department. Like where are they coming from? Are they standing right behind me?” said one student who asked to remain anonymous.

The “fab-five” wasted no time showing respect to their fellow students, as all five elected to sit in the back during their first lecture together.