Surfer Discovers Leprechaun Gold by the Oil Rig


Isla Vista-

This past St. Patrick’s Day, Brian Doherty decided to partake in his traditional Saturday surf expedition. He walked to the edge of Sands Beach and then rode the waves out past the oil rig, as he had done many times before. But this time, he spotted an unfamiliar face at the edge of the rig.

It was a leprechaun!

Unfortunately for Brian, the leprechaun vanished seconds after the two had made eye contact. “I wanted to get a picture of him to show to my Gnome Studies TA,” Brian recalled. “She’s really into leprechauns and Danny Devito”.

Brian did, however, notice a large pot of gold appear in the leprechaun’s stead.

“When I saw the pot of gold, I got very excited,” he said. “ I could pay off my student loan debt. And I could finally buy a private landshark for me and my roommates”.

But the pot of gold was not actually filled with gold. It was filled with something even better.

“It was packed to the brim with Chuck E. Cheese tokens!” he exclaimed. “Probably enough to last me for a year!”

Brian is scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow morning. He plans on using his time to promote the act of visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s as a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

We can only hope that he succeeds.