Justin Timberlake Performs SexyBack, Janet Jackson Tries to Expose His Sexy Rack

Historic Nipplegate moment circa 2004, the bustier bust heard ‘round the world as Justin Timberlake (right) sees female breast for the first time and Janet Jackson (left) finds embarrassing food stain on corset. With special guest star Gaucho Marks (nipple)

Janet Jackson, the now infamous banned Super Bowl legend, snuck into Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show to expose Justin Timberlake’s nipples, in what some are calling an attempt at a “tit-for-tit”.

As Timberlake began singing that one song from the DJ set during your 8th grade dance, Janet Jackson was making her way into the stadium. Eye-witness accounts from the halftime show crowd on Sunday reported that Jackson managed to push her way to the front of the crowd during “SexyBack.” She apparently made it all the way to the stage before she was halted by security, who at first did not recognize the 51 year old singer who looks amazing, by the way.

In an ironic twist, Ms. Jackson suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction as an overzealous Timberlake fan, actually the last known Timberlake fan, jostled her bust and exposed her right breast.

“I didn’t know who she was at first, but then I saw her nipple. I would recognize that thing anywhere,” said Malcolm Stopewall, the security guard and American hero credited with halting the attempted assault.

As she was forcibly escorted off the premises Jackson’s only comment was: “I really need to start wearing a bra.”