UCSB Temporarily Lifts Campus Tobacco Ban in Honor of Mac DeMarco Concert in the Hub

mac demarco2
Mac DeMarco, honorary Gaucho and nicotine enthusiast.

In honor of Mac DeMarco performing at the Hub this evening, UCSB has decided to lift its tobacco-free regulation on campus for the entirety of the show.

According to A.S. Program Board, this decision to temporarily bypass the policy was in part due to Mac DeMarco, a self-professed tobacco enthusiast and nicotine addict since adolescence. DeMarco allegedly insisted that he would only agree to the concert on the condition that he would be allowed to chain-smoke onstage, before, after, and especially during songs. Representatives at Associated Students reported that the lift on the tobacco ban has contributed to a significant increase in ticket sales.

The singer, who penned the popular tune “Ode to Viceroy,” a tribute to his favorite brand of cheap cigarettes, was relieved by the university’s exception to their policy, stating “I only play shows inside clouds of tobacco smoke that you can spot from a mile away. It’s kind of a tradition for me, so I’m glad UCSB understood.”

Christian Romero, an avid follower of DeMarco, expressed support for the university’s decision, explaining that “Mac DeMarco without several crooked cigarettes dangling from his lips is like Jim Morrison with his shirt on… it’s just not right.”

As for what’s next on DeMarco’s schedule, the gap-toothed ‘slacker-rock’ musician says he is “excited to be announcing the release of a microphone stand that is equipped with a cup-holder which can sustain multiple Olde English 40s in the near future.”