Extravaganza Has Surfer Blood On Its Hands

This is my first scoop since returning from the front lines of Somalia’s tribal uprising and I couldn’t be happier. The sense of enjoyment which reverberates across the field at Extravaganza is highly detectable. Surfer Blood enters the stage, heralding the afternoon with what I can only describe as a combination of legendary professionalism, gentle humility and violent punctuality. What can one expect, however, from the Florida-based quartet, pioneers of indie rock and gracious gentleman who, upon my cornering them in the alleyway behind Waco’s Fish Tacos after the show, eagerly surrendered to an interview.

GM: This is, in fact, your fourth show on a small, introductory West-Coast tour which may, hopefully, culminate in a nation-wide journey. How does it feel to be back on the road?

John Paul Pitts (lead vocals/guitar): Well, erm, it feels great. Definitely. Definitely pretty okay. Actually we feel hungry. We were actually about to go into Waco’s Fish Tacos, haha, so…

GM: Fish tacos. You’ve always loved fish tacos, haven’t you JP? And how do you personally feel about the continual over-fishing of Bluefin tuna?

JP: Um. Well actually we saw a documentary on that once, right guys?

GM: Great. Great.  I knew you would. And how are you using your world celebrity status and personal passion for Bluefin tuna to help this cause?

JP: Mostly just watching that documentary.

GM: Very interesting. On a related note, how do you feel about the way the media portrays women and how this affects pubescent girls?

Kevin Williams (backing vocals/bass guitar): No but yeah, it’s fucked up I think.

GM: Very, very interesting.

JP: Could we maybe finish this in Waco’s?

GM: No. So how’d you like the Santa Barbara crowd? Did you feel a connection?

JP: It was actually a lot of fun. You have a gorgeous town, really.

Thomas Fekete (backing vocals/guitar): Yeah absolutely. The crowd had a lot of enthusiasm, energy. That makes a show great.

GM: Right. And did you feel that this enthusiasm paralleled your personal enthusiasm for salvaging the bloody remains of the Bluefin tuna population?

JM: (Giggles nervously) Yeah, I guess. I don’t really understand.

GM: Nevermind. So, tonight was really high-energy. Do you always put such effort into your live shows?

JM: Of course! That’s the whole point of touring!

 GM: Exactly. So how does this relate to the dichotomy?

JM: What dichotomy?

GM: The dichotomy between the media’s portrayal of beauty and the negative effects on pubescent girls and their body images?

JP: I don’t understand that question at all.

GM: Very interesting. Very, very interesting.  So, at what point do you think you’ll finally accept the NFL’s offer for your spot at the Super Bowl halftime show? If you were to compare yourself to any past halftime performers, which would you choose?

JP: Wow, those are some good questions. Hmm, I mean how could you choose between the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney…

GM: High profile. But not Madonna. Noted. On a related note, when will you be filing your 2012 tax returns?

JP:  I don’t see how any of that is your business really…

GM: I’m a journalist, sir. And soon it will be everyone’s business. Now pipe down, I’m asking the questions here. So the results of your recent colonoscopy are pending. And Thomas, your recent STI test was clean! In light of these recent events, how do you feel this affects the media’s representation of pubescent Bluefin tuna?

JP: Look, are we done here?

GM: Almost. If you were to write a song about your personal hotel room that you are personally staying at in Santa Barbara, what would that song be called?

JP: I really don’t think I—

Tyler Schwarz (drums): Interrupting. The Best Western Blues!

Catch the band (and me) next week in San Francisco, where they will be staying at the Luna Inn room number 308, located on Lombard Street, the future stop in their West Coast tour!

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