8 NBA Players Inspired By Jason Collins to Come Out of the Closet

On April 29th, Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards became the first openly gay player in the NBA. The sports world erupted into debate this past week over whether or not the 34 year old center is an inspirational hero, an exploitative attention whore, or just “an icky gay guy, gross.” However controversial his decision may be, it has inspired several other NBA players to find the courage within themselves and reveal their true sexuality this past week. Some of these players include:

1.  Russell Westbrook


        Russell Westbrook claims to have never hidden his homosexuality, citing his eccentric dress and flamboyant braggadocio as prime indicators. “Ya’ll never asked,” Westbrook told reporters. “So I never told.”

  • 2.  Glen “Big Baby” Davis

glen davis

“Big Baby” Davis came out of the closet via a teaser commercial for his upcoming TLC reality series Shaqed Up, which chronicles his recent marriage to Shaquille O’Neal.

3. Chandler Parsons


Before the Houston Rockets drafted him out of University of Florida in 2011, Chandler Parsons underwent a deep sexual exploration of himself with the help of fellow Gator Tim Tebow.

4. The Sacramento Kings


                Though the Sacramento Kings never officially released their players’ sexual orientations, the homosexuality of the entire team was compromised by UCSB student and Bay Area native Hunter Diamond, who told Gaucho Marks reporters that the Kings were, “totally gay, bro.”

5. The WNBA


The WNBA’s self-proclaimed “lesbian culture” has been an openly encouraged aspect of American sports for longer than many might think; much like the WNBA itself.

6. Kyle Korver

kyle corver

While Gaucho Marks has no concrete evidence of Kyle Korver’s coming out, our fingers are tightly crossed.

7. Shawn Marion


Have you guys seen this picture? This is a really funny picture.

8. Rasheed Wallace


Before revealing his homosexual identity, Rasheed Wallace came back out of retirement just so that he could be considered an active NBA player at the time. He retired again immediately afterwards.