Freshman Regrets UCSB Attendance after Revelation That “Psych” isn’t Actually Filmed in Santa Barbara

In a moment of sincere anguish and crushing disappointment, freshman Cory Edwards expressed his regret for attending UCSB after the revelation that the hit USA television series “Psych” is not actually filmed in Santa Barbara. “I feel like I’ve been lied to,” said a heartbroken Edwards after learning that he would not get to see James Roday, who stars on the series, every day on his way to class. “All I wanted was a run-of-the-mill college experience like my parents had, and this just comes as a rude surprise, telling me that I can’t have that.” Edwards’ parents both attended Suffolk University, where they frequently visited the set of the show “Cheers” and spent time with the cast and crew. Several eyewitnesses reported that Edwards was seen combing the beach in downtown, searching fruitlessly for the private investigation service that Shawn and Gus, the main characters on “Psych”, operated. When reached for comment, the show’s producers could not be found, due to the fact that they were filming the current season of “Psych” in Vancouver, nearly 1500 miles away from Edwards’ dorm room.

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